Design started:

  • March 2019

Build completed:

  • March 2019

Destruction date:

  • November 2019

Goals of this project:

  • Experiment with a key scanning matrix.

  • Create a portable drum/sample pad akin to the MIDI Fighter 64 but significantly cheaper.

What was learned from this prototype:

  • A 49-key interface might be overkill, unless you are very dedicated to sampling. For finger drumming, a 16-key pad is plenty.

  • An iPad will bus-power the Arduino Micro, unlike the Arduino Due.

  • Printing the case with mating screw wells allows for sturdier construction, and much easier maintenance.


There isn't really much to say about this one. I learned more about case design from building this, and gained a lot of useful knowledge from the key scanning matrix, but I rarely played it after completion, instead preferring to finger-drum on the DrumFighter Nano. Most of the uniqueness from the number of keys was immediately made redundant by implementing a drums mode in Melodicade Prototypes #2 and #3.

It collected dust on a closet shelf for 6 months before being destroyed to harvest its precious, precious buttons.